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Local Support Groups:

OCD Therapy Group begins June 5, for people who are at any stage of their journey, even remission. This group will be focussed on the basics and beyond. Anyone can join at any time. They do not need to be my client, but we could talk about individual work with them as well if they can’t find a therapist.  We will be doing exposures, goal-setting, accountability to each other, the basic supports of connecting to other people “like me”.  This group meets every other week.
Harm OCD Group begins June 12, only for people who have specific intrusive thoughts of suicide, violence, sexual violence, pedophelia, emotional violence, verbal (blurting) violence, etc.  This is a closed group that can be joined at any time. Clients will be screened in to verify their diagnosis and to make sure it is the right fit.  Screening in can be done by individual therapist’s referral, or by an intake/diagnostic individual session with me. This group will meet every other Monday.
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The IOCDF website hosts a comprehensive, online Resource Directory composed of clinicians & therapists, support groups, clinics & programs, and other organizations and resource for individuals with OCD and related disorders as well as their family members and loved ones. The Resource Directory is searchable by location and lists results in order of proximity to the zip code searched.

To find local resources in the state of Washington, simply click here and search your zip code. Treatment providers listed are professional members* of the IOCDF and support groups are submitted and run by members of the OCD and related disorders community.

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